Monthly Archives: February 2011

Big Update!


Today I added not just one, but two pages to the blog. You can access these pages by clicking the navigation links labeled First Time Visiting? and Checklists. Let me tell you a little bit about these pages.

First Time Visiting? Then you might want to have a look at this page. Here you’ll be formally introduced to me, my overall mission, and my cute little flow-chart for those who need some visual assistance to catch on.

Checklists are little snippets of my own short-term goals and the progress I’m making toward taking my next big step. On my first checklist, I state that I’m going to work on the graphics for my shop and my blog, so be sure to check back for a more attractive web-surfing-experience in the near future.

Thanks for reading, internet!

Adventures in Clay & Patience


Last night I received a very kind donation from a friend of mine:¬† a bunch of polymer clay leftover from her own crafting expeditions. I recently took up the hobby, bought some supplies, experimented a little, but yesterday I devoted my entire day to mixing colors, making canes, rolling sheets…basically I practiced some basic techniques and I’m here to share what I’ve made with you today. Let’s get started!


This guy here is my brain(I apologize for the horrible quality pictures, but my camera at the moment is really a phone). I carved him with a needle, and he’s 100% polymer clay! Although he’s one of my first projects, I didn’t bother baking him until last night.

This is a piece I’ve been sketching up for awhile, but I didn’t have any flesh-colored clay until just yesterday as well. It’s an accessory for a LARP costume I’m working on. I happened to visit the dentist recently and get a wisdom tooth pulled, but rather than putting it on the necklace, I used it as a model for the tooth on the bottom. I glazed the toenail and blue beads.

This piece pretty much speaks for itself. The pendant takes “wearing your heart on your sleeve” a step further – wearing your vagina on your neck. Not for the faint of heart. Thanks for reading, internet!

Hello world!


I’d like to introduce to you what is so far a concept. It’s my life. It’s my dream. But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brittany – sometimes Brit – I’m not picky. I’m twenty years old and I’ve got a little crafting niche in a crumbling gingerbread house in the ghetto.

What I aspire to do is set up a pretty little shop to sell my handmade items in a pretty little corner of the world wide web.

But there are some setbacks. I’m a procrastinator. I’ve got minimal budget. I know nothing about starting a business.

So, dear readers, with you I’ll share everything I learn, every move I make, and every step I take in my adventure into the unknown. Together we’ll discover if I’ve got what it takes.

My First Product


After hemorrhaging amounts of brainstorming, I eventually came up with an idea for my first product. Drumroll, please.

Handsewn Pincushion & Sewing Kit

This little guy is a Hand-sewn Pincushion & Sewing Kit. Mind you – he’s only a prototype. The rest of them are going to be a little bigger, because I like to press my pins all the way into the cushion without them poking back out the other side. D:

Anyway, let’s talk about product features. Each pincushion is painstakingly sewn without thimbles or protective gear at extremely gruesome temperatures. Each contains a sewing needle, a spool of thread, several pins, and a few detachable sewing accessories. The one shown above has a button, a bow, some ribbon, and sequins pinned into it that are completely detachable and reusable in case of sewing emergencies. Oh, and there will be sewing emergencies. Let me cut you off here for a short story.

Once upon a few days ago, I woke up late for an interview I had at Staples. I called my mom, and she whisked me away to her house so I could wash my “interview clothes.” But it wasn’t going to work out that easily. Time was running thin, and my shirts were still spin-spinning away in a soapy whirlpool. I found a brown dress in my stepsister’s old room that she wears every month or so when she comes back from university. I managed myself into some itsy-bitsy black skinny jeans that weren’t yet dry from their latest wash, and – lo and behold – my bra snaps. So here I’ve got one strap just hanging down my back, a broken plastic ring, and no safety pins(which I will be including in future emergency sewing kits!). I trifled through my mom’s disorganized sewing bins: nothing. Then I remembered my prototype. Although I disliked it due to its size, that little sucker came in handy, and I had a pretty sturdy stitch finished in under three minutes! This, of course, didn’t change the fact that it was so cold outside and my pants were so damp when I arrived at my destination that my legs were letting off steam. All in all, I think the interview went pretty well. They said they’ll call me within the next two weeks.

Anywho, here he is without accessories:

Naked Pincushion

And here’s a much bigger dude that I gave to my mom for Valentine’s Day. As you can see, I’m a little short on materials at the moment:

Cute and Chubby Pincushion

Thanks for reading, internet. Let me know what you think!