Adventures in Clay & Patience


Last night I received a very kind donation from a friend of mine:  a bunch of polymer clay leftover from her own crafting expeditions. I recently took up the hobby, bought some supplies, experimented a little, but yesterday I devoted my entire day to mixing colors, making canes, rolling sheets…basically I practiced some basic techniques and I’m here to share what I’ve made with you today. Let’s get started!


This guy here is my brain(I apologize for the horrible quality pictures, but my camera at the moment is really a phone). I carved him with a needle, and he’s 100% polymer clay! Although he’s one of my first projects, I didn’t bother baking him until last night.

This is a piece I’ve been sketching up for awhile, but I didn’t have any flesh-colored clay until just yesterday as well. It’s an accessory for a LARP costume I’m working on. I happened to visit the dentist recently and get a wisdom tooth pulled, but rather than putting it on the necklace, I used it as a model for the tooth on the bottom. I glazed the toenail and blue beads.

This piece pretty much speaks for itself. The pendant takes “wearing your heart on your sleeve” a step further – wearing your vagina on your neck. Not for the faint of heart. Thanks for reading, internet!

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