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Taking Inventory


So let’s say(hypothetically) that I haven’t started making any of my 10 Things yet. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, it’s time to do a little motivational exercise. We’ve got to make ourselves want to get creative. We’re going to re-read our lists of things and research how to make them. It’s as simple as that.

While I’m doing this, I’m going to save my links, my patterns, and my ideas in folders(both physical and digital), and make a big list of all the materials I’ll need to make each item. You should do the same. Put pictures and clippings of things that inspire you in these folders; maybe you’ll find a way to incorporate something you like but didn’t know how to do before.

So, readers, now is our time to take inventory. Now is the time to gather our ideas. We know what we have vs. what we need. We envision our projects.

And then: we go shopping.

Craft Challenge! 10 Things


In order to cook up some ideas for my upcoming products and really get this blog rolling, I’ve prepared a little exercise. I would like to introduce a little crafting commitment called 10 Things. The purpose of this exercise is to choose ten things that I can make, design, craft, alter, refurbish, or redefine to make my life just a little bit better. This will not only get my creative juices flowing, but it may force me to overstep my boundaries a little, to experiment with territories unknown.

So let’s get to thinking. What could make your life a little better? What can you make that would help out with any old thing? Take a look at my list in case you get stuck.

  1. Craft Travel Container for taking my supplies with me wherever I go.
  2. Work Bag to condense all those things I should have with me when I’m walking out the door, as well as some
  3. Weights to attach to the bottom of the flag that I use for work, to keep the wind from picking it up.
  4. Idea Book so I can jot down anything that comes to mind, no matter where I am.
  5. Sock-suspenders to keep my socks from falling into my boots when I’m working in cold weather!
  6. A Purse that’s a better fit for me than the big bulky one that I’ve got.
  7. Secret Pouch that can hold things I don’t want seen or damaged, that doesn’t look suspicious.
  8. Computer Bag. It should also have a place for the adapter and some accessories.
  9. Dress that’s pretty, perfect, and ready for summer, and
  10. New Jewelry to match. ‘Cause a girl’s gotta stay fresh.

There may be some things on your list that you couldn’t possibly make. Maybe you don’t know enough about binding to make your own leather journal. Use this as an opportunity to learn how to do something new, and take up a new craft. Maybe you need a new office chair, but you’re not exactly an office carpenter. Having the required tools and space for the project might be another issue. Instead, consider adopting a vintage piece from a thrift store for reupholstering or refinishing.

So now that I’ve decided on 10 Things that I absolutely need, that’ll come in handy more than once, that I’ll be thankful I decided to make for myself, it’s time to start crafting. Thanks for reading, internet, and check back soon to see how my 10 Things turn out!

Work Vacations


Woah, sorry it’s been a little while, internet. I guess it’ll take me just a little bit longer to complete the goal on my first Checklist of posting at least twice a week for a month. I’ve been really wrapped up in my new job, so getting this boutique into existence has been pretty hard.

Luckily, this new job has inspired me to work on a really big craft project. I started typing up the introductory post for this project sometime last week or the week before. You’ll be reading it within this week – I promise.

On another note, this job has me traveling, but if the weather doesn’t permit, then I can’t do a whole lot of work. This past Thursday I found myself with a day off, so my boyfriend(who I work with), some other coworkers, and I went on a little field trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. I got to touch a jellyfish and make a little scrapbook page about it! I’ll throw up some low-quality cell-phone pictures from the trip when I get the chance.

My boyfriend and I also got ourselves a new laptop, so I’ll definitely have the opportunity to post throughout the week if we’re out of state. I might just have to lose some sleep to get it done.

So anyway, it’s Sunday and we’ve got some packing to do for the upcoming week, so I’d better be off. Thanks for reading, internet. Don’t lose hope.

Craft Oops


I’ve been clicking my Stumble! button a lot lately, and one of the projects I came across was this super-cute No-Slip Bookmark Tutorial on MaryJanes and Galoshes. Because it’s been a little while since my last project, and this one was fairly easy and I had the materials on-hand, I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s the result:

Of course, I had to make things difficult. I didn’t have a button big enough. Okay, okay… I didn’t want to use the one big-enough button I had on this project. Instead, I made a button out of polymer clay that I thought would work better. I had intended on decoupaging it with scrapbook paper. Buuut I happened to have some rose petals lying around from the pretty bouquet I bought my boyfriend for VD, and I desperately wanted to use them for something, so I put them on the button with lots of Mod Podge. Great idea, in my opinion. The result was not what I had hoped for.

This is my Frankenbutton. Sorry I can’t give you a better view of the texture, but it’d blind you. I tried not to use too much of the pink parts of the petals, thinking that the lighter bits would provide a nicer color contrast. Well, internet… roses will fade and turn yellow and even brown in some places, and then it kind of looks like onion-skin. I would most definitely try a rose-petal-decoupage project again, but I’ll be sure to discriminate a little more with the pieces I use. The colorful parts are the ticket.

Never Too Old For Book Reports


Since the beginning of my journey, there’s one book that I’ve had at my side at all times. This is “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin, and it covers pretty much every aspect up getting your own Etsy or handmade store started. And it’s cute as hell.

“The Handmade Marketplace” has been infinitely useful. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without it. Chapin is absolutely brilliant, and provides her own insight as well as snippets of advice and information from several other crafters that have found success in selling their own handmade goods.

Covering topics such as branding your business, blogging, the basics of business practices and marketing, selling online and in person, and so much more, this little book is definitely my pocket guide to success.

Have you read anything that has really helped you to open up your own business? Got any great books on crafting that you’d love to share? Don’t hesitate on helping me out, folks. I love reading and writing, and if I’m willing to check out a book, I’ll be sure to share it with the world. Thanks for reading, internet.