Craft Oops


I’ve been clicking my Stumble! button a lot lately, and one of the projects I came across was this super-cute No-Slip Bookmark Tutorial on MaryJanes and Galoshes. Because it’s been a little while since my last project, and this one was fairly easy and I had the materials on-hand, I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s the result:

Of course, I had to make things difficult. I didn’t have a button big enough. Okay, okay… I didn’t want to use the one big-enough button I had on this project. Instead, I made a button out of polymer clay that I thought would work better. I had intended on decoupaging it with scrapbook paper. Buuut I happened to have some rose petals lying around from the pretty bouquet I bought my boyfriend for VD, and I desperately wanted to use them for something, so I put them on the button with lots of Mod Podge. Great idea, in my opinion. The result was not what I had hoped for.

This is my Frankenbutton. Sorry I can’t give you a better view of the texture, but it’d blind you. I tried not to use too much of the pink parts of the petals, thinking that the lighter bits would provide a nicer color contrast. Well, internet… roses will fade and turn yellow and even brown in some places, and then it kind of looks like onion-skin. I would most definitely try a rose-petal-decoupage project again, but I’ll be sure to discriminate a little more with the pieces I use. The colorful parts are the ticket.

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