Work Vacations


Woah, sorry it’s been a little while, internet. I guess it’ll take me just a little bit longer to complete the goal on my first Checklist of posting at least twice a week for a month. I’ve been really wrapped up in my new job, so getting this boutique into existence has been pretty hard.

Luckily, this new job has inspired me to work on a really big craft project. I started typing up the introductory post for this project sometime last week or the week before. You’ll be reading it within this week – I promise.

On another note, this job has me traveling, but if the weather doesn’t permit, then I can’t do a whole lot of work. This past Thursday I found myself with a day off, so my boyfriend(who I work with), some other coworkers, and I went on a little field trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. I got to touch a jellyfish and make a little scrapbook page about it! I’ll throw up some low-quality cell-phone pictures from the trip when I get the chance.

My boyfriend and I also got ourselves a new laptop, so I’ll definitely have the opportunity to post throughout the week if we’re out of state. I might just have to lose some sleep to get it done.

So anyway, it’s Sunday and we’ve got some packing to do for the upcoming week, so I’d better be off. Thanks for reading, internet. Don’t lose hope.

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