Taking Inventory


So let’s say(hypothetically) that I haven’t started making any of my 10 Things yet. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, it’s time to do a little motivational exercise. We’ve got to make ourselves want to get creative. We’re going to re-read our lists of things and research how to make them. It’s as simple as that.

While I’m doing this, I’m going to save my links, my patterns, and my ideas in folders(both physical and digital), and make a big list of all the materials I’ll need to make each item. You should do the same. Put pictures and clippings of things that inspire you in these folders; maybe you’ll find a way to incorporate something you like but didn’t know how to do before.

So, readers, now is our time to take inventory. Now is the time to gather our ideas. We know what we have vs. what we need. We envision our projects.

And then: we go shopping.

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