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Always Make Time For Setbacks


So here I am, staring into my computer monitor like it’s a crystal ball that’ll make all my dreams come true if I ask it the right questions. Well, it won’t, and I’m really starting to feel the weight on my shoulders.

First off, I’ve got these HUGE plans for a boutique that I haven’t listed a single item on yet. Once again, this is due to my constant research without application. It’s one thing to Stumble! “Crafts”. It’s quite another to get off my lazy behind and do some crafting myself. The problem here is, I have very little materials and very little budget for them. Maybe once per paycheck I go out and buy something that I think will prove useful(some small material swatches at a thrift store, embroidery floss, needles, etc.), but I never get around to actually doing something with it. When I buy the battery charger for my camera, perhaps I’ll be able to take pictures of items that are worth listing in my shop.

When. If. It all just becomes another test of my own motivation. That’s what’s really important here. Motivation.

On top of all that, I’ve got my company’s website to work on, and I don’t even know for sure if my bosses really want me to do it. I wouldn’t blame them. I’ve got no experience, no education, no credibility whatsoever. I’m just that kid they know that plays with her computer, knows a little HTML and CSS, and has a strange fascination for photoshopping people into zombies.

I think what I’d really like is a business partner – someone that’s passionate about the same things, someone to craft with, someone to trade advice with, and someone that I can’t let down as easily as I let myself down. Consider this a wanted ad. Email me if you’re interested. I need someone to share the responsibility with, so that it doesn’t seem like I have too much weighing me down to actually get to work.

Speaking of work, I also need a car so I can stop dishing out hundreds of dollars in gas money every week and spend a little bit on Shubette.

Now that I’ve gotten all this off my chest and paid a little bit of attention to my blog this week, I really am feeling motivated. I’m going to do something productive today. Thanks for reading, internet.

Web Design for Beginners?


I’m so incredibly excited to announce that my bosses are hiring me to make the company website. I’ve never done any web design professionally, however, so this is a really big stretch on their part. I tried to make them aware of that.

Anyway, I’ve been reading this article on the University of Texas at Austin website, and it’s been very helpful, with all sorts of advice on gathering the right information, picturing it from the users’ P.O.V., planning, organizing, and so on.

As for the technical stuff, I’ve been a dabbler in coding and web design for a quite a few years.

Now I’ll be working with a budget, which I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing. I hope to do great things with it.

Unfortunately, I’ll be putting my boutique plans on hold until the end of this project, but don’t worry! I’ll keep the blog going, making sure to post what I learn through the web development process, my crafting exploits, my 10 Things progress, and my ideas and plans for the boutique.

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