Web Design for Beginners?


I’m so incredibly excited to announce that my bosses are hiring me to make the company website. I’ve never done any web design professionally, however, so this is a really big stretch on their part. I tried to make them aware of that.

Anyway, I’ve been reading this article on the University of Texas at Austin website, and it’s been very helpful, with all sorts of advice on gathering the right information, picturing it from the users’ P.O.V., planning, organizing, and so on.

As for the technical stuff, I’ve been a dabbler in coding and web design for a quite a few years.

Now I’ll be working with a budget, which I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing. I hope to do great things with it.

Unfortunately, I’ll be putting my boutique plans on hold until the end of this project, but don’t worry! I’ll keep the blog going, making sure to post what I learn through the web development process, my crafting exploits, my 10 Things progress, and my ideas and plans for the boutique.

So, internet, what else is there to know about web design? Anything that years of web browsing and photoshopping can’t teach me? Got some reading material for me? Drop a comment or something; help a novice out. Thanks for reading.

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