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DIY Embroidery Patterns in Gimp


I decided to bust out my embroidery stash this weekend, but was a little upset when I realized that I neglected to get any patterns to help me ease back into creative stitching. After browsing the web for awhile, I figured out a great method of embroidery pattern-making in gimp. Full tutorial after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

Stick it to the Man


Hello, fellow crafters, and thanks for joining me today for my review of Stick It! by T. L. Bonaddio, a big red tome all about the wonders of duct tape! Let’s get started.

Bonaddio’s teenage audience is made painfully clear in this book, upchucking a variety of positive and positively ridiculous reader-empowering slang. As much as I love hearing about the wickedly smart pretentious shizz that I am, I’ll not forget that the purpose for this purchase was to introduce me(as well as any average crafter) to the basics of crafting with duct tape.

Stick It! kicks off by introducing the reader to all the necessary tools(if you’re buying it from a craft store, you’ll want to take a quick look at this list before you leave), tips, and techniques you’ll be using, equipping you with all the know-how to get started working with this medium. All in all, it’s pretty descriptive, easy to read, and extremely handy, covering 99 projects that include wallets, rings, other accessories, decor, and so much more.

As far as working with duct tape goes, I consider it the ultimate material for crafting if you’re traveling and can only bring limited supplies. All you need is a surface for cutting, a handy dandy X-acto knife, and a roll or two of the sticky stuff, available in hundreds of colors and patterns(if you know where to look; Bonaddio gives you a few pointers on places to find them in Stick It!). I’d also suggest picking up some small, round magnets. If you’re intent on making wallets, these make excellent, discreet closures for many types of billfolds. Aaand… the very best part of crafting with duct tape is that you don’t need any additional adhesives to get the job done. The most efficient of them all is right at your fingertips.

So, next time you’re looking for a new and easy crafting medium, don’t be afraid to pick up a few rolls at your local hobby shop. There are all sorts of patterns(checkered, tie-dye, animal prints, etc.) and colors that the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. If you’re looking for some ideas and instructions to get you started, I definitely suggest Stick It! for its vast variety of projects and presented possibilities, as well as its easy-to-decipher directions and diagrams. Thanks for looking, internet.

Travel Crafts


Needless to say, my blog has been on a bit of a hiatus. I’ve been in West Virginia doing some traffic control, and I’ve let things slip. So, to get back on the right track and redeem myself in the eyes of my readers and myself, prepare for some totally relevant updates.

Before I went on this trip, I was considering the best methods of crafting-on-the-go. I didn’t find much information out on the subject, but I knew I wasn’t going away for a 5 week business trip without bringing along something to keep myself busy. The night prior to leaving, I packed up what I considered to be the most basic of supplies. This includes(but is not limited to): fabric swatches, pins and needles(poked neatly inside one pin- and one needle-cushion), sewing essentials, floss, my recently discovered vintage hair clips(as well as anything else I own that I consider junk-jewelry), and  a bag of cut-up denim. I opted not to bring any sort of polymer clay, keeping in mind that there wouldn’t be a public oven available at any of the cheap motels I’d come to meet. I was right.

Then, of course, I went shopping, and discovered the two easiest travel crafts, and they’re right up my alley. More about these after the jump! Read the rest of this entry