Travel Crafts


Needless to say, my blog has been on a bit of a hiatus. I’ve been in West Virginia doing some traffic control, and I’ve let things slip. So, to get back on the right track and redeem myself in the eyes of my readers and myself, prepare for some totally relevant updates.

Before I went on this trip, I was considering the best methods of crafting-on-the-go. I didn’t find much information out on the subject, but I knew I wasn’t going away for a 5 week business trip without bringing along something to keep myself busy. The night prior to leaving, I packed up what I considered to be the most basic of supplies. This includes(but is not limited to): fabric swatches, pins and needles(poked neatly inside one pin- and one needle-cushion), sewing essentials, floss, my recently discovered vintage hair clips(as well as anything else I own that I consider junk-jewelry), and  a bag of cut-up denim. I opted not to bring any sort of polymer clay, keeping in mind that there wouldn’t be a public oven available at any of the cheap motels I’d come to meet. I was right.

Then, of course, I went shopping, and discovered the two easiest travel crafts, and they’re right up my alley. More about these after the jump!

Having been knee-deep into making more friendship bracelets than I had friends as a kid(this was not a hard accomplishment, if you know what I mean), I knew how promising a mega-pack of embroidery floss would prove to be on this trip. I hadn’t planned on making friendship bracelets, but possibilities are always endless, so I grabbed some embroidery hoops and canvas to revisit another craft from my childhood days: cross-stitching. I had intended to experiment with other methods of embroidery this time around, but I’ve found that stitching anything in a hoop is great for traveling, and doesn’t require an excess of supplies. If you live your life with bunches of gumption and danger, you may even be brave enough to do it in the car. Don’t actually try this, kids.

Anyhow, while I was busy flipping through some embroidery books at A.C. Moore, my boyfriend was off doing some early birthday shopping for me! Here’s the part in which I introduce my newest craft, the ultimate for when you’re on the go: Duct tape! Brad picked me up 5 big rolls of tape(various colors and patterns), and an awesome book called Stick It! by T.L. Bonaddio, with 99 projects all about duct tape. I’ve been experimenting with it just a little and I must say that duct tape is the ultimate medium for crafting away from home. Stay tuned on Thursday for a review of this excellent stuff and the big red book that came with it.

In other news, while Brad was doing his Father’s Day shopping, he was sure to get me a new camera charger off of! Prepare for a more colorful blog when my camera’s up and running again. This might still be a few weeks, because it looks like work in WV is going to last awhile. In the meantime, thanks for reading, internet.

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