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Something About Brad


Today I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a very handsome man, my boyfriend Brad.

Brad’s 27 today. He’s extremely sexy, incredibly fun and funny, and is the most wonderful guy I’ve ever met, to say the least. This picture taken by the crappy photographer my mom hired for her wedding doesn’t do any justice for such an amazingly handsome man. I’m glad to call him mine. Happy birthday, baby.

We celebrated Brad’s birthday with an awesome home-cooked meal and butter-cinnamon cake from his mom(as well as a pair of brand-new work boots), a trip to Walmart, and a crappy little incident with our clutch that means we won’t be doing much driving anytime soon. Also Brad mowed the lawn for his parents, because he’s just a kind and helpful guy like that. :)

He’s busy updating his Xbox, a gift I got him right before our car broke down last time. I suppose it’s a good thing he got it early, because we certainly wouldn’t be able to pay for it now.

In other news, I’d like to apologize. I was really proud of myself for keeping the blog nice and updated semi-regularly, but work has picked up again and there hasn’t been much time for blogging. Aside from today, Brad and I have spent every waking moment either flagging or driving since the moment we left the motel in West Virginia. On the upside, we’re gonna be seeing some fat paychecks this weekend, which generally means more craft supplies. You can never have too many. Speaking of crafting, here’s the progress I’ve made on my to-do list since I listed it in this blog post:

Embroidery project seen in DIY Embroidery Patterns in Gimp
Brad’s work uniform alterations
Brad’s duct tape wallet
Unfinished cross-stitching project
Duct tape coaster-turned-ashtray for use in the car
10 awesome pincushions, for practice(/products?)

As you probably haven’t noticed(unless you opened up the link before the list) I haven’t done much, aside from Brad’s uniform. I was hoping to get his wallet finished before his birthday, but the company killed that goal. Well, internet, thanks for checking out my boyfriend and my progress, and of course I’d love for you to take the fricking poll at the bottom of my Blog Advice post. I’d like to know what the hell my readers are thinking.

Happy Birthday to (America and) Me


Good evening, internet! I hope by the time you read this you’ve already had a pleasant Independence Day. As you may or may not know, today is also my birthday, and to celebrate, I’ve added a brand-new page to the blog that’s all About Me! I deserve it, after all…

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