Happy Birthday to (America and) Me


Good evening, internet! I hope by the time you read this you’ve already had a pleasant Independence Day. As you may or may not know, today is also my birthday, and to celebrate, I’ve added a brand-new page to the blog that’s all About Me! I deserve it, after all…

There’s a few things I’m excited to mention that I got for my birthday, which includes a shiny new camera charger, crisp out of the mailbox, so I can take some nice pictures and get my blog rolling. Unfortunately, I received a travel charger, so I can only charge my camera battery while driving and –of course– when my boyfriend and I started to head home from our business trip this weekend, our car started having clutch problems, forcing us to stay out of town for an extra night and abandon our poor little Jetta so we could get home. I guess that doesn’t even matter, because I never managed to find the camera I had intended on charging before we left to go back to West Virginia today.

TL; DR: Still no camera, can’t take eany cute head shots for my new biographical page and that makes life suck.

Luckily I got a few craft supplies from Brad’s family and an AWESOME new craft bag to keep them in. That really made my day.

Since today is my 21st, Brad was going to take me out to buy me a drink for my first bar experience. Because we’re working tomorrow and he’s got a headache, instead we settled on a 6-pack, and a hopefully romantic night. Thanks for checking out my new page, internet! Have a happy 4th, and if today is your birthday too, I’ll have a drink especially for you.

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