Monthly Archives: August 2011

My Mama



It was my mom’s birthday yesterday, and of course I missed it completely, what with needing to drive from NEPA to West Virginia and not having a car in the meantime. I still managed to whip something up for her, but she sadly won’t be receiving it until I get back home and do some finishing touches. This is what I came up with. All I have left to do is attach a mounting thingy to the picture frame.

This was just a little side project. I’m currently working on a kick-ass cross-stitching pattern. Prepare to be amazed, internet.

What’s Next?


Hey there, internet. I realize it’s been nearly a month since my last post, but it’s summertime¬†and construction work is really picking up. Brad and I are making enough money to put some away, but making time for crafting and maintaining the blog has been a little difficult with most of my supplies being 400 miles away.

Anywho, I have been putting a decent amount of effort into getting organized, so once I get to spend some time at home with a few days off to kill you’ll get to see the results of my scary-closet-corner-to-awesome-crafting-space makeover.

Also, I’ve got tons of ideas lined up for Shubette(this blog as well as my shop-to-be), including some pretty interesting blog features, tips, tidbits, and some really handy products that you’ll someday see in the shop. You’ll most definitely want to stay tuned – especially this coming Winter, when the construction work is out of season.

Aaaand, last but not least, shoot me an email if you feel you’ve got something to contribute. I’m not only looking for advice, but also an additional blogger to help maintain some things around here while I’m away from home and some insight into the business end of…well, my future business. Thanks for sticking around, internet.