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NEPA Arts & Crafts – March 2012


Hello, internet, and thanks for stopping in. Since I’ve had so much trouble finding a blog that regularly spews out information regarding arts and crafts events in my area, I’m here to provide the list for the rest of the crafters around these parts. Here’s your own schedule to get down with the makers and doers of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

3/02 – 3/04 Home Building and Remodeling Expo @ Kingston Armory, Kingston PA
3/03             Spring Craft Show @ Columbia/Montour AVTS, Bloomsburg PA
3/23 – 5/20 NEPA Crafters Unite @ The Laurel Mall, Hazelton PA
3/24 – 3/25 Spring Fine Arts & Crafts Fest @ Kutztown University’s Keystone Hall, Kutztown PA
3/24 – 3/24 Easter Craft Fair  @ Leesport Farmer’s Market, Leesport PA
3/24 – 3/25 Spring Craft Festival 10th @
3/25             Dallas High School Boys Soccer Spring Craft Show @ Dallas Middle School, Dallas PA
3/25             Easter Craft Fair 21st @ Lehigh Twp Vol. Fire Co., Cherryville PA
3/31              Lake-Lehman Band Boosters Spring Craft Show @ Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School
Daily –         Merchant’s Village Indoor Market Square @ the old Wal-mart in Pittston, PA

This list is open to expand! Please let me know if there are any events local to NEPA that I’ve missed for the month of March, or feel free to let me know about an upcoming event for future months. If there is anything that I could possibly add to this list to make it more complete, feel free to comment or email me and I’ll get the information up as soon as possible. If it’s for a month that isn’t the next one, I’ll add it to that month’s list when the time comes. As always, thanks for reading, internet!


Valentines for Gamers and Stinkers


Brad has been full of surprises for the past week. Craft-related surprises, which are the best kind. On top of my new stockpiles of felt, floss, card-stock, and brand new shelves(which are perfectly naked and ready to be attacked by any of my new s’plies!), I got two bouquets from him – one last night that he couldn’t wait until today to give me, and one today, which he decided I needed for my desk at work. To top that off, he made me a card with my own paper. It’s beautiful.

And so, I had to make him a card to express my eternal love for him and how very awesome and incredible he is and how much he means to me. The problem here is that… I had a lot to say, and I couldn’t decide what the most important thing was to put on one card. I also needed to wrap his valentine in a really sweet way. Ladies, the Omni-card, for your gamer boyfriends.

This PS3 game is wrapped in fabric. The ribbon around it is decoupaged paper that I doodled, stickered, stitched on, and the card that’s holding it is hand-stitched by yours truly, accented by my favorite craft-supply, brads. Brads brads brads. I love him. Anywho, by moving the card or ribbon around, he can see some, but not all of the great things that he is.

I should’ve bought him something bigger so I could write more stuff. Oh, and never forget to make valentines for little brothers.

Blue and beautiful – A PDCC Submission


This week I’m cutting it pretty close again for my  Play Date Cafe submission. At least this time it’s not because I put off making the card until the last minute, but because I procrastinated my blog post instead. Either way, I need  some more motivation. Find out some of the awesome recent motivators I got in my next last-minute post, a V-Day-related one. But for now, my card.

This week I’ve made a birthday card for my future sister-in-law, Lee. Her birthday isn’t until next month sometime. Now there‘s something I didn’t procrastinate!

I lost one of my yellow chipboard O’s while working on this card at home, and found it in the parking lot outside of work today. Weird. Here’s this week’s inspiration picture!

This week’s colors actually influenced a few early Valentine’s Day gifts from Brad. Awesome holiday. Thanks for reading.

Don’t be deceived! A PDCC submission


I decided to sit out last week’s challenge over at The Play Date Cafe, mostly because I didn’t have any sort of event to make a card for. I’ll let it slip as my last lazy week, since I’m back at work in the office now, after all. This is a special birthday card for Brad’s younger brother, Alex. He’s 20.

I’ve outdone myself again, I know, but I couldn’t have managed this beautifully ironic card without this week’s lovely inspiration image. Thanks for reading, internet.