What I Packed


Hello, internet! It’s that time again that I’ve been whisked away for work. If you’re as absent-minded as me, every time you plan to be out of town for a little while, your brain panics and starts yelling “WHAT SHOULD I BRING?” So, here’s a list to my future self and anybody else who’s curious about what a little lady packs when she’s leaving for a construction job.

For this sort of a trip, I need to have about a week’s worth of clothing, and I need to put fashion completely out of my mind. My job requires me to be prepared to withstand all weather situations, usually for 8-12 hours per shift, so I’ve picked these items based on comfort and layerability. Continue reading for the full list.

When I took this next picture, I realized that I should hoop my pockets! My grey capris look so plain without embroidery!

Here’s the list:

  • 3 pairs of really comfortable jeans
  • 2 pairs of capri jeans (I would switch these out with jeans or thermal pants in colder months)
  • 6 tank tops
  • 2 long-sleeve shirts
  • 6 T-shirts
  • 2 thermal shirts
  • 1 cardigan
  • 5 pairs of underpants
  • 5 pairs of socks
  • 1 pair of thick, winter socks
  • 4 bras
  • Water-proof jacket
  • Steel-toe boots

This is excluding the outfit that I was wearing for the trip, which consisted of an additional pair of my most comfortable jeans, a tank top, another pair of socks, a hooded sweatshirt, and my super-soft Etnies boots. I needed to bring the required attire for traffic control, of course, which includes my ANSI Class-03 high-visibility(or “hi-vis”) gear(a construction vest plus leggings with reflective material on them to make me super-visible). Brad and I also each have hi-vis water-proof hooded jackets, hard hats, steel-toe boots, and winter attire that travel with us wherever we go.

As I’m taking pictures of my clothes, Brad is across the room trying to cram his own clothing into his suitcase, saying, “How are we gonna get all of this into these bags?” I thought to myself for a second, and then yelled “SPACE BAGS!” The whole time that we had spent rushing to get ready for this, we had forgotten that we picked up vacuum-seal Space-bags at Walmart about a week or so before. We got a box with 2 extra large bags and one small bag that you have to roll up to get the air out of. While the smaller bag wasn’t so useful, Brad and I were both able to put all of our clothes(excluding socks – for personal preference, not because they wouldn’t fit) in each of the two bags and into our large suitcase, which would normally only fit Brad’s stuff. We were then able to fit his Playstation and both of our hi-vis hoodies into the smaller suitcase, generally used for all of my clothes. Hooray for Skyrim!

I gotta say, when I vacuumed the air out of this bag, it made a pretty impressive brick of clothing, and it sure was heavy. You can see my pink heart-print pajamas, which I don’t particularly like, but they’re thermal so I can’t leave them behind.

The punchline to this post is that I packed enough crap to be out of town for almost a week, and we worked only one day before getting sent back home. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to work on my Featured Project dress! I’m actually having some problems getting started, but I’ve got all weekend to work on it, so whether I make some progress or not, you’ll be hearing about it again soon.

May the 4th be with you!

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