My name is Brittany. I find myself trying to experiment with every new craft I learn about, but I really love sewing, paper-crafts, embroidery, and web design. I love to find that “little something” around the house that needs a pick-me-up and DIY the hell out of it using whatever materials I have on hand.On my blog you’ll find tidbits about my creative endeavors, resources I’ve discovered to help start off my creative business, outfits & fashion inspiration, photographs I’ve taken(and some from friends!), my goals & dreams, and plenty of moments that are just me doing what I do and reflecting on what I’ve done.Why do I craft?
Well, I’ve been able to sew for as long as I can remember. I even had those learn-to-sew cards as a kid, and just last year I made sure to buy a bunch for my niece to learn with, too. As I was growing up, my parents were always making things. My dad had big dreams to open his own handmade business called Black Fox, in which he sold Native-American-inspired peace pipes, clothing, and adornments, and it seemed like there was always someone creating something new in front of me. I learned about beading and wood-burning from my parents, and my grandma taught me to cross-stitch when I was still very young. In early 2000, my father passed away as the result of a heart attack. Although he was only 38 years old at the time, he had just managed to start his creative business in his own back yard, taking product photos of us kids wearing handmade headdresses, and teaching us how to make a living making. My business is an homage to him and to all of my family members that have taught me. Thanks for reading! I hope to see you around!

Photograph by Katie McDermott.

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