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Garden Party Mother’s Day Card


Hey there! Before I get down to business, I’d like to say sorry for not blogging this past week. As of last week, I had to go back to work at my full-time job, which kept me pretty busy. Then our Liberty broke down while Brad and I were on our way home from work, and we had to leave it at a random Jeep dealership along the way. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re not going to be seeing our car again for at least another week. In lighter news, here’s my entry for the Mojo Monday sketch challenge!

This challenge was a lot of fun to work on! I believe the intention of the sketch was to help the participants to use up some scraps, and while I tried to pull that off, I ended up making my scrap pile bigger in the process. When I finished cutting out all of the individual squares, I didn’t think they were lined up quite right, so I then created somewhat of a frame for them out of white cardstock. I love that all the paper I used for the squares has the same texture to it; I hope you can tell from the picture! This flowery card is intended for my mom for Mother’s Day, but today is actually my mom’s 1st wedding anniversary! Be sure to stop by tomorrow, of course, to see the card I’ve made for my mom and her (relatively) new husband.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and be sure to check out this week’s sketch challenge on the Mojo Monday blog!



Wish Your Friends a Happy 4/20


Hey, kids. There’s a holiday coming up that all of your friends are talking about, 4/20. Now, I know you may not be interested in a day that’s all about celebrating the ganja, but it just so happens that some of your “other friends” are. Let’s not leave them out of the card-making loop.

This here’s a great card for your neighbor’s troubled son, the hippies that grow your organic vegetables, or your poor great auntie with glaucoma in Michigan. I’ve hand-stitched the silver border. The letters and numbers are scrapbooking stickers and punch-out paper, because, quite frankly, it’s all I have. I thought maybe the card should say SMOKIN’ instead of SMOKING,¬†but I didn’t have an apostrophe and I like to be grammatically correct.

This card is an entry in two carding challenges! This week’s color palette is inspired by the color story from The Play Date Cafe, while the sketch is from the Mojo Monday blog. The PDC challenge closes tonight, but you can see a new palette each week on Thursday! If you like this layout, head on over to Mojo Monday’s challenge¬† – you’ve got a whole week to enter!

Thanks for looking, internet! Any advice on making letters that look more professional and elegant? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Thank You, a card in blue


Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter! Tonight I’m writing to share my latest card-stock creation, a “Thank You” card with an awesome palette. Thanks to Mojo Monday‘s great sketch for this week, I’ve managed to make what I’d consider to be my best card yet! If you’re not familiar with Mojo Monday, every week there is a new template to use to create a card, and anyone can participate. As the first week of the month, it’s contest time! So here’s hoping I win something great, and good luck to my many competitors as well. Here we go:

Thank You

The words “Thank You” are hand-embroidered, while the colors are loosely inspired by this design-seeds palette. You can also find the Mojo sketch for this week below, and as always you can click these images to end up at their respective sources. Thanks for reading, internet!

Mojo Monday 234 Submission


Happy April Fool’s Day, internet! Today’s post is just a short one; it’s my submission for the Mojo Monday blog! This week, we have two great options to choose from regarding our card shape: round or square. I chose square for this one.

This is an extremely late birthday card for my good friend, Brandon. I never thought I would ever forget his birthday, but lo and behold, my craftin’ got me pretty distracted, and I feel heaps of terrible. Hopefully I can get this to him soon. Thanks for reading!

This week’s card is a twofer


This week is an exciting one! Tonight I’m coming back from my carder’s block, I guess you’d call it. As per the usual, I’m entering this card into the weekly challenge over at The Play Date Cafe, as well as taking a step in another direction and submitting this one to the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge! This is my first entry ever on the Mojo Monday blog, and it looks like I’ve got quite a lot of great competition on that one already. Here goes…


I chose to leave this card blank, because I’m considering listing it as the first item on my Etsy shop and I’d like to leave customization options open.

The textured paper here is actually light grey on dark grey, but in this picture the fuzzy parts of the paper reflect the bright yellow color of the cardstock I’m displaying my card on. Here’s the inspiration photos with direct links to this week’s challenge pages. As always, thanks for reading, internet!