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A Card for Mom


I know I already posted my Mother’s Day card for this year, but this card is for my MIL! I was pretty excited to work with this week’s color story over at The Play Date Cafe!


After I cut out all of my letters by hand, I felt like this card was going to be a little plain, so I figured I’d replace the O with a little button. This still left the card seeming a little bit naked, so I was able to create a great looking flower out of white duct tape! Since I don’t have any scalloped scissors and I love the crap out of scalloped edges, I decided to stitch my own by hand, too! The greatest challenge of making this card was probably sewing on the button in a way to get the duct tape petals pinned down just right. I really love the simplicity of this card.


A Very Romantic Anniversary Card


How’s it going? If you weren’t aware of this, my mom’s very first wedding anniversary was yesterday. Well, maybe not her very first… or second first… so, uh… as of yesterday, my mom has been married for exactly one year. Congratulations, Momma! To celebrate I’ve made her this awesomely hand-stitched card; the color palette is courtesy of The Play Date Cafe!

Usually I use a french knot to dot my i’s, but this week I decided to use a teeny tiny drop of shiny purple nail polish. The color is ULTA’s Purple Reigns, and since I’m pretty terrible at fingernail polishing, I’m glad I found another way to use it. Also, Brad’s mom gave me a gigantic spool of this purple birthday curling ribbon that I’ve been dying to use; I love adding a little texture to my cards. Oh, and tomorrow I’ll be posting my monthly guide to arts and crafts events local to northeastern Pennsylvania, so if you’re from around these parts or will be visiting the area in the month of May, be sure to drop in! If you’re hosting an event in the area(or are simply just aware of one), feel free to shoot me an email and let me know all about it. Thanks for stopping by!

PDCC127 Submission


Hi again! While it may seem that I’m on the ball today for remembering to post twice, really I’m just such a procrastinator that I have to write my entry for the Play Date Cafe at the very last minute. So here’s another awesome hand-embroidered card from me to you, readers.

You are beautiful.

Wish Your Friends a Happy 4/20


Hey, kids. There’s a holiday coming up that all of your friends are talking about, 4/20. Now, I know you may not be interested in a day that’s all about celebrating the ganja, but it just so happens that some of your “other friends” are. Let’s not leave them out of the card-making loop.

This here’s a great card for your neighbor’s troubled son, the hippies that grow your organic vegetables, or your poor great auntie with glaucoma in Michigan. I’ve hand-stitched the silver border. The letters and numbers are scrapbooking stickers and punch-out paper, because, quite frankly, it’s all I have. I thought maybe the card should say SMOKIN’ instead of SMOKINGbut I didn’t have an apostrophe and I like to be grammatically correct.

This card is an entry in two carding challenges! This week’s color palette is inspired by the color story from The Play Date Cafe, while the sketch is from the Mojo Monday blog. The PDC challenge closes tonight, but you can see a new palette each week on Thursday! If you like this layout, head on over to Mojo Monday’s challenge  – you’ve got a whole week to enter!

Thanks for looking, internet! Any advice on making letters that look more professional and elegant? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Nuts over you – a PDCC Submission


Hey, internet! I’m back this week with another card, this time a submission to The Play Date Cafe! If you’re not familiar with The Play Date Cafe, be sure to roll on over there and check out some of the awesome cards that are my competition this week! Because this week was the last of the month, we’re working with a color splash palette – black and white, with a splash of brown, as you can see in the inspiration image, below. Clicking this image will take you right to this week’s challenge post.

 This week’s color story drove me absolutely crazy, having never been much of a fan of brown, myself. But, what I love about The Play Date Cafe is trying to work with a combination of colors I never would have thought of myself. Luckily, being crazy helped to inspire me, too. Speaking of nuts, the acorn on this card has a hand-embroidered cap and outline. Thanks for looking!

This week’s card is a twofer


This week is an exciting one! Tonight I’m coming back from my carder’s block, I guess you’d call it. As per the usual, I’m entering this card into the weekly challenge over at The Play Date Cafe, as well as taking a step in another direction and submitting this one to the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge! This is my first entry ever on the Mojo Monday blog, and it looks like I’ve got quite a lot of great competition on that one already. Here goes…


I chose to leave this card blank, because I’m considering listing it as the first item on my Etsy shop and I’d like to leave customization options open.

The textured paper here is actually light grey on dark grey, but in this picture the fuzzy parts of the paper reflect the bright yellow color of the cardstock I’m displaying my card on. Here’s the inspiration photos with direct links to this week’s challenge pages. As always, thanks for reading, internet!


Blue and beautiful – A PDCC Submission


This week I’m cutting it pretty close again for my  Play Date Cafe submission. At least this time it’s not because I put off making the card until the last minute, but because I procrastinated my blog post instead. Either way, I need  some more motivation. Find out some of the awesome recent motivators I got in my next last-minute post, a V-Day-related one. But for now, my card.

This week I’ve made a birthday card for my future sister-in-law, Lee. Her birthday isn’t until next month sometime. Now there‘s something I didn’t procrastinate!

I lost one of my yellow chipboard O’s while working on this card at home, and found it in the parking lot outside of work today. Weird. Here’s this week’s inspiration picture!

This week’s colors actually influenced a few early Valentine’s Day gifts from Brad. Awesome holiday. Thanks for reading.

Don’t be deceived! A PDCC submission


I decided to sit out last week’s challenge over at The Play Date Cafe, mostly because I didn’t have any sort of event to make a card for. I’ll let it slip as my last lazy week, since I’m back at work in the office now, after all. This is a special birthday card for Brad’s younger brother, Alex. He’s 20.

I’ve outdone myself again, I know, but I couldn’t have managed this beautifully ironic card without this week’s lovely inspiration image. Thanks for reading, internet.

Happy Birthday, Millie! Plus my PDCC#115 Submission

Happy Birthday, Millie! Plus my PDCC#115 Submission

Last week I discovered a new blog, The Play Date Cafe. Each week The Cafe releases a new challenge and a new advantage to try on a brand new color scheme in your work. This week’s submission is another handmade card, embroidered for my future mother-in-law’s birthday. Check it out.

For this challenge I decided to combine my two biggest obsessions right now – cardmaking and embroidery – and the results were nothing short of my best card yet. In the image above, the card is pictured with two gifts, an iced-tea maker(behind the card) and a bottle of Wind Song, both cleverly wrapped by yours truly.

My favorite part of this project was stitching in the little french knot flowers. This was my very first learning experience with french knots!

The trickiest part was definitely stitching the design onto the leaves of the tree. To make this easier to work with, I had a lamp pointed directly at my face for a couple of hours.

The color palette that this week’s Play Date Cafe Challenge colors were based on was slate, moss, bark, and burlap. How’d I fair this time, internet?