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Resources for Blogging


“Countess Nákó blogging, after Friedrich von Amerling” by Mike Licht on flickr

Hey, fellow bloggers! In my effort to make my blog a better place, I’ve been digging up some resources on design, content, productivity, and sponsor information. While I may not be ready to tackle all of these things at once, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite blogging resources with you and put these out there for my own reference! Since my blog focuses on a few things, such as my lifestyle, crafts, my creative business, fashion, design, and pretty much whatever I can think of, I’ve chosen some articles and videos from blogs that fall into a few different categories and that are written by some bloggers that I really love. Let’s get started!

Two of my favorite bloggers ever, Elycia from Love, Elycia and Chantilly of My Girl Thursday have teamed up to make some very helpful vlogs that address some questions you may have about blogging. A few of my favorite are:

I think the reason I appreciate these videos so much is that you can really tell that these girls are blog-reading-bloggers. At one point, Elycia says that she was blogging for almost a year before reaching out in the blogging community. This really resonates with me as I have a hard time being social, and I hope to be able to use my blog to really branch out someday. While we’re on the subject of Elycia, though, she has another great post on her blog in which she gives you a peek at how she organizes her Blog Planner! I certainly love learning about another’s creative process!

If you’re more interested in blogging about fashion, then you may want to check out the expansive community on heartifb.com. This blog is filled with TONS of information that applies to more than just “Independent Fashion Bloggers.” Here’s a few great posts to get you hooked:

If you’re more of an “I-want-to-promote-my-creative-business-through-my-blog” type of blogger, then Handmadeology.com is for you. Instead of crawling through the Handmadeology archives for a relevant list of links, they already have one prepared for you: Your Blog Promotion Checklist!

Of course, maybe you’re a fan of A Beautiful Mess and would like some tips from someone who has been at this for awhile now. If so, you might be interested in:

I am also a huge fan of Meagan Visser, a very busy creative business entrepreneur and coach, and head of MeaganVisser.com. She has a great post on her site, 5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog Brilliant and has written a wonderful guest post on Oh My! Handmade titled Make Your Blog Bloom With Loyal Readers.

So let’s say you want less jabber and a little more info on how to do-it-yourself? Then maybe you’ll be inspired by The Blog Stylist, with a very extensive list of Blogging Resources.

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve started a new board on Pinterest to quench my neverending thirst for blogging knowledge, Blogging 101. Be sure to check this out and feel free to follow me for more links to some great blogging resources!

Thanks for reading! Are there any resources you’d like to share that are meant to aid and inspire other bloggers?

What’s New in June


Hi, internet!  Today I’d like to cover some of the changes that I have planned for my blog and business this month!

  1. Blogging days. This month I’ll be blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead of on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ve decided to do this to challenge myself a little more and to force myself to share more valuable content with all of the interwebz.
  2. Design. You may have noticed that I’ve changed my background! I’ve been putting a whole lot of thought into the design of my blog and working on a few things to spruce this place up a bit. By the end of the month I hope to have a cohesive and custom theme put together so my blog and my etsy shop are matchy-matchy and copacetic. I’ve also managed to rearrange widgets a little and include a link to my etsy shop right in my sidebar, as well as links to some other platforms you can find me on, like Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Explore a little. ;)
  3. Sponsors! Up until this point, I have not featured any sponsors on my blog. While I will not be starting a sponsorship program in June, I will be keeping my eyes and ears(and inbox) open for anyone who might be interested in sponsoring in the month of July! I will very likely be giving away some free spots in return for a sponsor spot on your own blog. If free stuff like this interests you, you can email me at shubette.etsy(at)gmail(dot)com and we can talk about how to be blogfriends. :)
  4. Featured project Monday. Every Monday I will be blogging about my current featured project. I’ve chosen my first in this post, but haven’t really worked on it much since then. If I dedicate every Monday to blogging about my featured project, I will be more motivated to do the work on the weekends that are required to finish these less-business-related tasks that I’ve assigned for myself, and you readers will get a peek at my creative process. It’s a win-win.
  5. Less cards. While I do love papercrafting, it’s just a hobby and I’m not selling the cards I make in Shubette Handmade. This blog was created with the intention of documenting my business progress, but has become so much more. My blog is my primary marketing and promotion tool for my shop, and my means of communicating for my business. I want to be able to provide more useful, quality content, so I’m cutting out my weekly card posts to replace them with content that will be better for your brain.

As you can see here, I’m working on having a much better blog. Today, however, I’ll be enjoying my time with Brad’s family at Knoebel’s family fun park in Elysburg, PA. Enjoy your weekend!