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Sorry for being a bump on a log.


Hey, folks. I had intended on doing another resources post, but this week has been more hectic than I had planned, and I wasn’t able to get as much researching done. So yeah, this is going to be one of those brief, personal, reflective sort of posts. Here’s what’s new.

  1. We’re moving! We just don’t know exactly where or when…
  2. We have been surprised by a job offer in West Virginia and are leaving on Sunday. Unfortunately, Brad and I have to have everything we own packed before we leave this weekend, just in case the family decides to move while we’re gone.
  3. As mentioned in my What’s New in June post, I’ve been working on my blog design! In doing so, I’ve been pondering making a change from WordPress to Blogger, in order to have the ability to design my own blog for free. However, I have also considered merging my blog and shop into one whole website with my own domain sometime shortly after my business starts making an income. If this happens I might choose hosting with Indiemade. I guess what I’m trying to decide is if I should switch to Blogger now or switch to Indiemade later…

So these are the things that have kept me from cranking out a meatier post this week. Plus I had to spend the day in the hospital waiting room. More picture-related idioms will come your way if you choose to forgive me for my inconsistency. Farewell and goodnight.

Have you ever switched blogging platforms? What’s the most important factor to you in choosing a blog host?