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My New Year’s Resolution: A Mid-Year Review


Hello there! At the beginning of this year, I wrote this post regarding my new year’s resolution. In it, I basically stated these two key points:

  1. Open my creative business. Status: Achieved! (Sort of) I listed my very first item in my etsy shop, therefore declaring Shubette Handmade open for business!
  2. Make and list a new item every week. Status: Abandoned/Failed. Very early on I realized that this exercise would not be a good move to make for my business. I wanted to put quality time and so much thought into my projects, and one week to design and construct a new product didn’t seem like enough.

My main idea was just to put myself out there. The more I make, the more people will see, the more my business will grow…right? Shortly after(I did say somewhere in the previously mentioned post that I’m rather fickle) I decided that I don’t want to make crap. I wanted the items that I would be making and selling to be of the utmost quality. I didn’t think I could provide that kind of quality and I let this keep me from making anything for fear that it would not be good enough.

So here are my Resolution Amendments:

  1. Sew every day. If I want to sell items that I sew, I need to keep my skills sharp. I should be doing some sort of sewing-related activity every day. I certainly have enough projects piled up to work on at least one thing for an hour a day, even if I’m just doing something trivial like pre-washing and ironing my fabric.
  2. Sew better. This goal is inherent to the primer. If I’m putting in the hours and the effort I will get better at what I’m doing.

Looking back, I’m starting to feel like all of my blog posts are about doing it better and making it happen, but none are about me doing and making. I’m realizing that my blog is not as big of a priority to making my business happen as making things and improving my skills before I start my business is. This business is my goal, and I’m not going to mess this up.

My New Year’s Resolution: Start my Handmade Business


This year is the year I need to get my business started! I’ve been doing a lot of reading about where to begin, and on marketing and branding and blogging and small-business-starting and whatnot, but haven’t posted anything yet regarding my progress. This is because I simply haven’t made any.

So this year I resolve to cut out the crap and do what’s important:

• This year I will make an item every week to be listed on my Etsy shop, Shubette.

Starting today, I will dedicate each and every week of the year to making something worthwhile.
At week’s end, I will list the new item in my shop.

This exercise will force me to meet my own creative deadlines, find organizational balance while striving to meet my goals, learn the basics of selling online, and it will also help me to learn just what my own niche in the crafting biz is, since I’m fickle and can’t decide where I want to take things just yet.

So what’s your New Year’s resolution? Are you trying to take what you make a little further? If you’re a handmade business owner, what resolutions did you make for yourself and your business when you were starting out? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.