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My New Year’s Resolution: A Mid-Year Review


Hello there! At the beginning of this year, I wrote this post regarding my new year’s resolution. In it, I basically stated these two key points:

  1. Open my creative business. Status: Achieved! (Sort of) I listed my very first item in my etsy shop, therefore declaring Shubette Handmade open for business!
  2. Make and list a new item every week. Status: Abandoned/Failed. Very early on I realized that this exercise would not be a good move to make for my business. I wanted to put quality time and so much thought into my projects, and one week to design and construct a new product didn’t seem like enough.

My main idea was just to put myself out there. The more I make, the more people will see, the more my business will grow…right? Shortly after(I did say somewhere in the previously mentioned post that I’m rather fickle) I decided that I don’t want to make crap. I wanted the items that I would be making and selling to be of the utmost quality. I didn’t think I could provide that kind of quality and I let this keep me from making anything for fear that it would not be good enough.

So here are my Resolution Amendments:

  1. Sew every day. If I want to sell items that I sew, I need to keep my skills sharp. I should be doing some sort of sewing-related activity every day. I certainly have enough projects piled up to work on at least one thing for an hour a day, even if I’m just doing something trivial like pre-washing and ironing my fabric.
  2. Sew better. This goal is inherent to the primer. If I’m putting in the hours and the effort I will get better at what I’m doing.

Looking back, I’m starting to feel like all of my blog posts are about doing it better and making it happen, but none are about me doing and making. I’m realizing that my blog is not as big of a priority to making my business happen as making things and improving my skills before I start my business is. This business is my goal, and I’m not going to mess this up.

What had happened was…


Hi there! I’m here today to talk about some setbacks that have occurred that have got me feeling a little low. At the end of June, Brad and I went to Michigan to attend my family reunion. The reunion was a wonderful event and I may have become a little lax in posting to my blog during that weekend. It was remarkably hot the entire trip and the sun was constantly shining. That is, until a very brief rain storm on our way home that caused us to hydroplane. We were driving in the left lane when we started sliding to the right, and then we spun counter-clockwise until the back of the Jeep collided with the median wall.

I remember it happening so slowly, clutching the handle across the dashboard for dear life, my eyes closed tight, braced for impact, thinking Why haven’t we hit yet? It took us forever to hit that wall. Our rear window and the one on the right side in the back were completely smashed out. We also have a very bent axle and lost a few things as we hit and then slid down the median.

Luckily, neither of us were injured and my mom was traveling only a few miles ahead of us when we crashed. We were towed to a place not far from the Toledo airport with a hotel just a short distance up the road. My mom, step-dad, and grandma were waiting there for us when we arrived in the tow truck, but with my niece in the car with them, they only had enough room for one person to come back home with them. Brad and I decided to stay together at the hotel and find our way home the following day. That was an uncomfortable adventure all on its own.

This train of events had left me feeling rather drained and depressed, and I must admit that I neglected my blog for far too long. Eventually, however, one must come to realize that happiness won’t find you if you’re hiding from it under your covers; one finds happiness when she gets off her ass and looks for it herself. Even when your car looks like this and is all the way in Toledo.

I hope you like how I lazily edited out the phone numbers in these photos. It just seemed appropriate to exclude them, I guess. And hey, we found out that the Jeep isn’t totally destroyed. Before we know it, we’ll be back on the road to Toledo to bring her back home. Things are starting to look up, and I’m glad I still managed to get my monthly feature published(despite it being a little late). Thanks for reading, internet.

Always Make Time For Setbacks


So here I am, staring into my computer monitor like it’s a crystal ball that’ll make all my dreams come true if I ask it the right questions. Well, it won’t, and I’m really starting to feel the weight on my shoulders.

First off, I’ve got these HUGE plans for a boutique that I haven’t listed a single item on yet. Once again, this is due to my constant research without application. It’s one thing to Stumble! “Crafts”. It’s quite another to get off my lazy behind and do some crafting myself. The problem here is, I have very little materials and very little budget for them. Maybe once per paycheck I go out and buy something that I think will prove useful(some small material swatches at a thrift store, embroidery floss, needles, etc.), but I never get around to actually doing something with it. When I buy the battery charger for my camera, perhaps I’ll be able to take pictures of items that are worth listing in my shop.

When. If. It all just becomes another test of my own motivation. That’s what’s really important here. Motivation.

On top of all that, I’ve got my company’s website to work on, and I don’t even know for sure if my bosses really want me to do it. I wouldn’t blame them. I’ve got no experience, no education, no credibility whatsoever. I’m just that kid they know that plays with her computer, knows a little HTML and CSS, and has a strange fascination for photoshopping people into zombies.

I think what I’d really like is a business partner – someone that’s passionate about the same things, someone to craft with, someone to trade advice with, and someone that I can’t let down as easily as I let myself down. Consider this a wanted ad. Email me if you’re interested. I need someone to share the responsibility with, so that it doesn’t seem like I have too much weighing me down to actually get to work.

Speaking of work, I also need a car so I can stop dishing out hundreds of dollars in gas money every week and spend a little bit on Shubette.

Now that I’ve gotten all this off my chest and paid a little bit of attention to my blog this week, I really am feeling motivated. I’m going to do something productive today. Thanks for reading, internet.

Taking Inventory


So let’s say(hypothetically) that I haven’t started making any of my 10 Things yet. If you’re stuck in a similar situation, it’s time to do a little motivational exercise. We’ve got to make ourselves want to get creative. We’re going to re-read our lists of things and research how to make them. It’s as simple as that.

While I’m doing this, I’m going to save my links, my patterns, and my ideas in folders(both physical and digital), and make a big list of all the materials I’ll need to make each item. You should do the same. Put pictures and clippings of things that inspire you in these folders; maybe you’ll find a way to incorporate something you like but didn’t know how to do before.

So, readers, now is our time to take inventory. Now is the time to gather our ideas. We know what we have vs. what we need. We envision our projects.

And then: we go shopping.