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Don’t let anything hold you back!


Tonight I took a step in a new direction. Up until now, I never really shared the creative side of myself. Sure, I’ve got this blog here dedicated to all of crafty hopes and dreams, but I enjoyed the anonymity in documenting and unloading my progress, always cautious to how a reader may judge my work. Or worse, what  someone I actually know would think of my work. My disorganization. My botches and corners cut. My stupid hopes and dreams.

Let me clarify. This gets pretty lame.

Until today I was so ashamed of the work I hadn’t achieved towards my dream of opening a business – the crafts, the blog, everything – that I avoided sharing any of this on Facebook. It seems I’ve had some preconceived notion that there’s nobody on FB that wants to know what I’m doing. While this may be true, I know for a fact that there are friends of mine on the site looking to make their own handmade businesses.

So, internet, today I exposed myself. While I’m not feeding my blog posts through my Facebook account, I did take the first step in putting myself out there by uploading bunches of pictures of things I’ve made into a new album. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, that I’m finally showing my true colors. I’m happier already.
Eat it, social anxiety!