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A Very Festive 420 DIY


Hi everyone! If you’ve visited this blog before, you’re here because I hinted at a very special post to celebrate 4-20! While I had initially planned on introducing you to my brother’s “Found Art” pipes, he has failed to perform, as lazy stoners often do. Instead, as my gift to you on this very special holiday, a free pattern for your own water-pipe-stocking, paired with an image-heavy how-to. Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Craft Oops


I’ve been clicking my Stumble! button a lot lately, and one of the projects I came across was this super-cute No-Slip Bookmark Tutorial on MaryJanes and Galoshes. Because it’s been a little while since my last project, and this one was fairly easy and I had the materials on-hand, I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s the result:

Of course, I had to make things difficult. I didn’t have a button big enough. Okay, okay… I didn’t want to use the one big-enough button I had on this project. Instead, I made a button out of polymer clay that I thought would work better. I had intended on decoupaging it with scrapbook paper. Buuut I happened to have some rose petals lying around from the pretty bouquet I bought my boyfriend for VD, and I desperately wanted to use them for something, so I put them on the button with lots of Mod Podge. Great idea, in my opinion. The result was not what I had hoped for.

This is my Frankenbutton. Sorry I can’t give you a better view of the texture, but it’d blind you. I tried not to use too much of the pink parts of the petals, thinking that the lighter bits would provide a nicer color contrast. Well, internet… roses will fade and turn yellow and even brown in some places, and then it kind of looks like onion-skin. I would most definitely try a rose-petal-decoupage project again, but I’ll be sure to discriminate a little more with the pieces I use. The colorful parts are the ticket.